Bank Accounts with Fraud Filters or Blocks

Do you have a fraud filter or block in place for any direct debits via your bank account and need to set up AdvicePay as a new vendor so transactions can be authorized?

When fraud filters or blocks are added to either your transfer or billing bank accounts, any debits from AdvicePay via our payment processor, Stripe will fail.

Important: Debits are required to be enabled on both transfer and billing bank accounts. While your firm receives money to your transfer account, there are also debits that can occur from that same account. Some examples include: client refunds, disputes, and dispute fees.

To enable debits on your bank accounts, there are four numbers in total you will need to give to your bank for both receiving payments and making payments to AdvicePay:

  1. For receiving payments via ACH, Stripe‚Äôs ACH company IDs:  WFMSTRIPE1 - Stripe Inc and 1800948598 - Stripe Payments Company

  1. For making payments via ACH:  4270465600 - Stripe Payments Company and 1800948598 - Stripe Payments Company

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