How to Access All AdvicePay Accounts Under One Login

You can maintain several different accounts in AdvicePay, all accessible under a single email login! This makes account management simple for:

  • Advisors who are also clients
  • Clients of two (or more) advisors
  • Admin or Analyst users of two (or more) firms
  • Advisors running two separate businesses under the same email
  • And more!

Once you have established your first account, you can be added to -- or sign up for -- any other type of account (advisor, client, or admin/analyst user) under the same email address you currently use. 

When you're added as a user by another account, you will...

1. Receive an email notice letting you know you've been added to the account. 

2. Login using your existing AdvicePay email + password. Click the drop down menu in the upper left hand corner to switch your view to your other account!

When you sign up for another advisor account under your same email, you will...

1. Receive an on-screen confirmation that you have added another user. 

2. Enter your existing email username and password information to log in.

3. Click the drop down menu in the upper left hand corner to switch your view to your new account!

Tip: You will be guided through the steps of finishing the signup process when you switch your view to the new advisor account.

Merging Accounts Under Different Email Addresses

Do you currently have two or more AdvicePay accounts under different email addresses? To merge them so that you can share the same email for all (and cut down on the number of log in details you need to remember!), log into the account you no longer want to keep and update the email address to the one you wish to use. 

To complete the process, accept the invite received to your updated email. The two accounts will now be merged. Please reach out to us at if you run into any snags -- we are happy to help!

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