Advisor Permission Types

What are the differences between advisor Managing, Standard, Read Only, and No Login accounts?

  1. Account Owner -- manages all firm settings and data, including banking information. This user can also do everything a Managing Advisor can do in terms of billing for their own or other advisors' clients.
  2. Managing Advisor -- can see firm data, including other advisor's clients, and can manage billing for their own or other advisors' clients. They do not have access to enable eSignatures or change/view banking information, but can manage other firm-wide settings.
  3. Standard Advisor -- can see and manage billing for their own clients. They cannot control firm settings.
  4. Read Only Advisor -- has login access but can only view the status of payments and clients. This is a good option if you want the advisor to be able to monitor clients and invoice activity without directly billing them.
  5. No Login Advisor -- does not have a login to view account activity. This is ideal for centralized billing and assigning clients to No Login Advisors for organizational purposes. 

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