Subscriptions Page: Info and Filters

The Subscriptions page located in your sidebar ( Transactions > Subscriptions) contains a view of all client subscriptions! You can use this page to easily find and manage things like:

  • Past due subscription 
  • Completed subscriptions
  • Subscriptions that are due to start in the next quarter
  • Subscriptions with a specific Description of Service
  • Subscriptions set to bill this month for specific clients
  • All active subscriptions for a specific advisor
  • And more!

By using the Filter function you can restrict your view to a variety of specific scenarios:

How to Filter Subscriptions:

1. Click the Filters button

2. Click a Category's drop down arrow to reveal its filtering options. Select or enter the information you want to see. (You can fill out any number of categories to narrow your view even further!)

Tip: The Descriptions of Service category allows you to select invoices associated with saved descriptions under "List of services" at Firm Settings > Invoice and/or Account Settings > Invoice.

3. Select Apply Filters 

4. To clear your filters/start over from scratch, select Filters > Reset Filters

Filter Options


  • Completed
  • Paused
  • Failed
  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Past Due
  • Canceled


  • Type in or select Client Name


  • Type in or select Advisor Name (only available to Full-Access Advisors and firm Admins/Analysts)

Next Bill Date:

  • From Date - To Date


  • Min - Max

Start Date:

  • From Date - To Date

Description of Service:

  • Type in or select a saved Description of Service (can type in content of description or title to search)

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