AdvicePay has a single-sign-on (SSO) integration with MoneyGuide. With this integration, you can log in to your AdvicePay account directly from your MoneyGuide platform! 

Setup steps:

  • Log in to MoneyGuide. Select Start Planning > Clients and select the Client you are working with.
  • From the My Plans page, select Options > Launch AdvicePay from the menu.
  • Enter your AdvicePay login credentials. (You will only have to do this the first time!) From here you will SSO to AdvicePay. 

In the future you will access Options > Launch AdvicePay to SSO into AdvicePay.

Need a helping hand? When logged into MoneyGuide, select Support and then type "AdvicePay" into the search box. This will supply instructions directly from MoneyGuide on how to setup the SSO. You can also reach out to them at 😀

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