How to Sign Up for a New Account

Follow these steps to set up a new advisor account on AdvicePay. Note that you can change the type of account (Essential, Professional, or Enterprise) throughout the signup process, and doing so will not change the steps outlined below!

1. Head over to

2. Select your plan, enter your email address, and click Get Started

3. Click the verification link sent to your email address and create your password

4. Select either Individual or Legal Entity

Fill in the remaining Account Information. Our underlying payment processor, Stripe, will verify that all information is valid and matches up -- if something doesn't look right, you'll be prompted to fix it either during signup or after accessing your account! 

Why do you need my Social Security number?

The SSN is required during signup due to requirements set by our underlying payment processor, Stripe. As part of their Know Your Customer obligations, they ask that individuals provide this as part of their process for verifying identities (for fraud prevention) as well as to ensure their platform is compliant with banking regulations. You can rest assured there is no credit check involved and nobody at AdvicePay can see or get access to this information!

5. Link your checking account information to establish where client payments will be deposited. (At this time we do not support savings accounts!)

You can quickly link this information by clicking  Connect in the "Connect with plaid" section and using your online banking login, OR you can manually add your account and routing number by clicking the Manually enter details link:

Please note that the linking option will not work if your bank account is set up with two factor authentication. If you find that you're unable to link your account for whatever reason, we recommend manual entry of your account and routing number! 

6. Do the same thing on the next page. This bank information will be used to pay your monthly fee to AdvicePay if you remain on the platform after your free 14-day trial

7. You're all set! After successfully entering all required information, you'll be logged in to your new AdvicePay account. :)

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