[Enterprise] API Use Cases

The API on AdvicePay is available to firms on our  Enterprise plan!

Accessing the AdvicePay API

Our API can be found at https://docs.advicepay.com/. For more information regarding our API, please refer to the Introduction and Authorization sections.

Create, Read, Update, and Delete Users in AdvicePay

With the AdvicePay API you can create, read, update, and delete users. For example, when an advisor is created or updated in your system, you can make calls to the AdvicePay API to create or update the corresponding record in AdvicePay. To see all of the attributes for the advisor object, view here.

Other examples:

  • Get a list of advisors in AdvicePay
  • Update information for advisors like their email address, SSO ID, Office, and much more!
  • Create clients or get a list of clients in AdvicePay
  • Create admin
  • Create, update, or get a list of Offices in AdvicePay


The Invoices object on AdvicePay has a wealth of data that comes with it - you can view all of the attributes available on the Invoice here.

With the Invoice object it’s easy to pull lists of invoices with whatever attributes you choose. For example:

  • Get a list of all overdue invoices
  • Get a list of recently paid invoices 
  • Get a list of invoices paid for a specific date range
  • Get a list of invoices that are due next month

If you have a central internal CRM, it can also be nice to show the invoices information in a table. You could create tables, so that advisors or clients could:

  • View a list of all invoices related to Advisor A
  • View a list of all invoices related to Client B

Invoices can also be downloaded via the API, so that you’re able to save them in your own internal storage solution. 


AdvicePay offers a few objects related to eSign including: Signers, eSign Templates, and Agreements.

Examples of using the Agreements object are:

  • Get a list of recently ‘Completed’ Agreements
  • Get a list of Agreements that were sent in a specific month
  • Get a list of Agreements specific to an advisor or client
  • Get a specific Agreement on an Invoice


AdvicePay offers both a Transfer object and a Transaction object. Any transactions that were transferred to your bank account on the same date make up a Transfer. One example of how to use this is to get a list of transfers that arrived on a certain date, and then you can view all of the individual transactions that occurred. Transactions is a robust object that includes a lot of attributes including things like:

Deep Linking

Many organizations require the ability to deep link into AdvicePay and this can be accomplished using the SSO RelayState. Deep linking is supported on any page within AdvicePay simply by setting the RelayState to /desiredPage. 

Common examples include:

  • Deep link to a client
  • Deep link to a payment request flow

Click here for more detail and optional query parameters!

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