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PreciseFP is a customizable prospect + client data-gathering tool for financial professionals. With this integration you are able to:

  • Export, link, and/or update PreciseFP prospects and clients to AdvicePay
  • Import client profile data from AdvicePay into PreciseFP
  • Pull client invoice information from AdvicePay into PreciseFP

For a detailed list of fields that map to/from AdvicePay, please click here: AdvicePay/PreciseFP Mapping Table

To set up your integration:

Turning on the PreciseFP/AdvicePay integration is done via your PreciseFP account. It only needs to be done once! 

(You can also find the below set up information on the PreciseFP knowledge base.)

1. In PreciseFP,  click on your profile picture in the lower left hand corner

2. Select Integrations > AdvicePay

3. Select Enable this integration

4.  Log in to your AdvicePay account, select the user you would like to connect, and authorize the connection by clicking Allow Access

To export to AdvicePay from PreciseFP

1. In PreciseFP, click on a client/prospect name to open their account details > click the Export button

2.  Choose  AdvicePay

If the client does not exist in AdvicePay, you can then create a new record on export. 

If they do exist and are already connected to an existing account, it will push updates to the existing record for the client within AdvicePay (rather than duplicating it). 

4. Click Export

To import data from AdvicePay into PreciseFP

1. In PreciseFP, on the left hand side click Accounts > All Accounts, then select the + icon in the upper right hand corner

2. Click the Import tab > Prospect or Client > AdvicePay

3. Type in the client's Last Name to import. (Please note that the client must have a valid email in AdvicePay in order to import.)

Once you've located the record you wish to import,  check the box to the left of their name > click the Import button. This will then bring your client's AdvicePay record into PreciseFP!

Note: The integration only imports/exports the  main client record. Co-clients in PreciseFP are skipped when importing/exporting and a warning message is shown.

Have more questions on how to work with the AdvicePay integration inside PreciseFP? Need help with a tech issue? Contact the PreciseFP support team at!

Example use cases for getting the most out of the integration!

  • Every time a client is added on PreciseFP, send the client to AdvicePay (or link to an existing account). This also works the other way around, so you could create a process of adding clients to AdvicePay, then importing them into PreciseFP.
  • Update client information in AdvicePay when something changes in PreciseFP.
  • When sending a client a new engagement or form in PreciseFP, send a history of their payments from AP (or send an unpaid invoice for new clients).

Best Practices Tip! To save time and maximize efficiency, we recommend taking advantage of PreciseFP's other integrations to quickly create/update your AdvicePay client list. For example, since PreciseFP integrates with platforms like Salesforce, Redtail, Wealthbox, and eMoney, we suggest importing contacts from those platforms into your PreciseFP account, then exporting them to AdvicePay!

This allows you to only make manual adjustments to a client record once (vs. updating/creating them one by one across all platforms you use).

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