How to add emails from AdvicePay to your safe sender/allow list!

From time to time emails sent through AdvicePay can get caught up in strict spam filters, ultimately ending up buried in your email's Junk/Promo folders. (Boo!)

To make sure that notices always come straight to your inbox, and to help you happily use AdvicePay with the least amount of effort as possible, we encourage you to quickly designate AdvicePay as a safe sender. This is a cinch to do in most platforms, and typically takes less than a minute! 

📍Clients not getting AdvicePay emails? Here's an article for them on how to fix it!

All AdvicePay system emails are sent from:

For the following platforms, we like referencing this Lifewire tutorial on How to Add Email Addresses to an Allow or Safe Sender List:

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • Outlook
  • Comcast
  • cPanel for your own web domain

Here are some other resources for:

If your email platform is not included in the above list, an approach that has great success across all platforms is simply to add as a Contact! 

❓Have questions about doing the above, or it's not working for you? We recommend reaching out to your email platform's Support docs/team for the best helping hand. :)

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