[Enterprise] Using the API Endpoint: Invoices


With the Invoices Endpoint, you’re able to generate reports that include data most pertinent to your firm. Easily pull invoice details based on criteria that matters. Some examples of invoice lists that our firms find helpful are:

  • Past due invoices
  • Invoices paid within a certain date range
  • Invoices with an upcoming due date
  • Refunded invoices

Benefits of Using the Invoices Endpoint

  • Easily access invoices without having to export from the AdvicePay UI
  • Easily see invoices that are most relevant to your firm
  • Store Invoice PDFs outside of AdvicePay (although they will remain available in the UI)


Automatic Storage

Most firms we work with utilize a long-term document storage system. Using the Download an Invoice PDF object allows you to automatically download all invoices.

Refund an Invoice

Since advisors aren’t allowed to initiate refunds on our Enterprise plans, you’ll need to have a set process for issuing refunds via AdvicePay. Using our Refund an Invoice object, you can create a button in your internal system to refund invoices without having to access AdvicePay. This works great when the team or person responsible for issuing refunds doesn’t need access to AdvicePay. 

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