Printing Invoices & Downloading Invoices as PDFs

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How to Print an Invoice

On the advisor's side, one-time payments immediately generate invoices while subscription payments will generate an invoice once that month's payment bills. 

You can view the PDF version of the invoice by clicking the blue invoice # link:

To print or save to PDF, click the Print Invoice text in top right corner of the invoice:

Removing the URL and other website information from your invoice

Header and footer information (such as a URL, timestamp, page number, etc.) you may see when selecting Print Invoice is placed there by your internet browser, and can be removed via your browser's Print settings. 

Jump to instructions for:

Chrome users:
  1. Click Print Invoice
  2. Click + More settings and deselect the Headers and footers checkbox

Firefox users:
  1. Click Print Invoice
  2. Click Show Details (for Windows users this may be under Page Setup instead)
  3. Change the Page Headers and Page Footers left/center/right drop-down menus to "--blank--" to remove all headers and footers

Safari users:
  1. Click Print Invoice
  2. Click Show Details
  3. Deselect the Print headers and footers checkbox

Saving an invoice as a PDF

Depending on your operating system and the browser you're using, there are a few options for downloading the invoice as a PDF.

For both Mac and Windows users, you typically have the option under  Printer or Destination to choose Print as PDF. This will save the file to your computer as opposed to actually printing it on the printer! 

Or, try out the alternative options below:

For Mac users on Chrome:

  1. Click Print Invoice
  2. Click Open PDF in Preview (linked at the bottom of the Print settings window)
  3. Go to File > Save
  4. Edit your Save As filename and select the folder destination under Where (if desired)
  5. Click Save

For Mac users on Firefox or Safari:

  1. Click Print Invoice
  2. Select Save as PDF under the PDF drop down menu
  3. Edit your Save As filename and select the folder destination under Where (if desired)
  4. Click Save

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