Managing Emails You Receive

Only Advisors can access and manage notification emails. Admin and Analyst users do not have email management permissions under Account Settings.

Managing Your Notifications

Customize all of your email settings by visiting Account Settings > Emails & Notifications!

Turn Late Invoice, Paid Invoice, Subscription Ending, Recurring Payment Receipt, and Document Signed Emails On or Off

To receive a direct notification that a client or other user has a past due invoice, paid their invoice, has a subscription ending, automatically paid their recurring subscription, or signed a document, toggle the button(s) to on :

Toggle left (greyed out) is off. Toggle right (green) is on.

Note: The Document Signed notice will send you a notification email each time a signee completes their signature, as well as a notice when all signatures have been obtained!

Transaction Reports

Set up a bookkeeper, virtual assistant, operations admin, or even just yourself to receive automatic daily, weekly, and/or monthly transaction reports via email! Any email address can receive these reports (even if it is already receiving reports from another AdvicePay account or it isn't associated with an admin/billing user on your firm account).

Frequency options:

  • Daily - will be sent every morning for the previous day's data
  • Weekly - will be sent Monday mornings for the previous week's data
  • Monthly - will be sent on the 1st of the month for the previous month's data

To set up scheduled reporting, go to Emails & Notifications and scroll down to the Advisor Notifications section. Toggle the button on for the reports you want to receive. The report will automatically be sent to your account email address.

❓Want to add additional report recipients? Click the gear icon to access the report's settings:

Enter an Email Address and click Add. Click Save

Note: To remove recipients, click the "X" button next to their email address. After your adjustments, be sure to save your changes! 

If there are 0 transactions for the reporting period, no emails will be sent.

Adding Additional Recipients

To send all of the your email notifications to one or more recipients (by default the account owner's email is always included), enter the emails under Additional Email Recipients and click Add:

To remove a recipient, click the X button next to their listing!

Additional emails that AdvicePay automatically sends are also listed below. These are dependent on the actions needed, how your account is set up, and what functions you are using, as well as if you are also the Account Owner.

  • Fee Change Reminder
  • Fee Escalation
  • Overdue Invoice
  • Upcoming invoice
  • Refresh Expire DocuSign Token (only for DocuSign users)
  • Stripe update Account Information Email
  • Payment to AdvicePay Failed
  • Client Dispute(s)
  • Transfer Account Failed
  • Subscription Accepted/Declined Emails

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