How to Sign Contracts

All contracts that need your signature will appear under  Signatures in your sidebar!

To sign and fill out any fields assigned to you on the contract, go to Signatures, click the drop down button, and select Sign Contract:

You will be taken to the document to complete all the necessary fields. You can click Get Started to be taken directly to your first assigned field, then Next Req'd to be taken to the next. 

Once complete, click Continue and I Agree

You're all set! Now your portion of the contract has been signed. 🙌

❗️Does your client or their partner/spouse need help signing? Here's an article you can send to them that will help them through it!

If other signees still need to add their signature, the contract will appear under  Contracts as "Open." Once all signees finish signing, the contract will update with the status of "Signed."

To see who has and hasn't signed a contract, select View Details from its drop down menu:

Tip: Need to send an email reminder to any signee that hasn't finished signing the contract? You can by selecting Send Reminder!

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