Advisor Attributes

The Advisor Attribute feature is only available on Professional and Enterprise plans. Advisor Attributes are not available on the Essential plan.   More information on our plans can be found here.

Whether you're seeking an easier way to manage advisors across all of your various systems or you simply want to easily access extra information on advisors within your AdvicePay account, help your firm stay organized by assigning unique advisor profile properties!

These attributes are only seen by you, other Full Access advisors, and admin/analyst users on your account. (Standard advisors, Read Only advisors, and clients do not see it.) 

If an advisor profile has attributes like an Advisor ID, tag, etc., they will display in the following areas unless designated as "Protected."

  • Below the advisor's name on their profile page 
  • On the Advisor report (*Limited to the Advisor ID and Tags -- look for more attributes to come!)
  • On your Transaction reports (* Limited to the Advisor ID only)

Setting up Attributes

Navigate to Firm Settings > Advisor to access attributes that you can add to an advisor profile:

By default the Advisor ID field will be enabled (and optional). This default property:
  • Can be edited to describe an attribute different than "Advisor ID"
  • Can only be a Text field
  • Can be disabled by toggling the button to off
  • Contains populated information that is always editable by users with access to your Firm Settings (e.g. Admins and Full-Access Advisors)
  • Cannot be permanently deleted
  • Cannot be a "Protected" field (populated information will always display in-app and in reports)

To add a new attribute, click Add New Attribute and fill out the type of information you want to include in an advisor's profile:

To make the attribute required when an advisor is added or their profile edited, toggle  Require attribute to be filled out or selected to on

❗️To ensure privacy and security, we recommend not using attributes to store or display any highly sensitive data, such as a full Social Security Number!

If you do need to collect sensitive or private data in an advisor's profile, please toggle Protect field from viewing after entered to on. This will mask the data when viewing/editing an advisor and exclude it from exported reports. 

What's the difference between IDs and Tags? Both function in similar ways, and allow you to internally differentiate between or segment your advisors. For instance, you may decide to use the Advisor ID to match up their identification number in your firm's HR software, while using the Tags field to track their office location, start date with the firm, etc. Unlike IDs, more than one Tag can be added to an advisor's profile.

Assigning Attributes to Advisors

Assigning an attribute can be done when you add an advisor, or it can be added/edited at anytime by going to AdvisorsEdit Advisor.

Simply add, edit, or remove the information entered in the attributes field(s):

When added/saved, their profile will now display like so:

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