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Downloading Reports

If you are an Account Owner, Full-Access Advisor, or firm Admin/Analyst user, you can download transaction + payout reports anytime through your AdvicePay dashboard! 

Go to  Transfers > Credit Card & ACH and click Export at the top right of the page.

For a full report of all transfers, make sure the All Transfers tab is selected, then click Download

Or, to narrow the report down to specific dates, click the Select Dates tab, choose your date range, and click Download

When requesting data more than one week old, please check your inbox! We will deliver your file via email. 🙂

The subject line is   Your AdvicePay Bank Transfers and comes from

Your export will include one excel file with  two included sheets (displayed as tabs) labeled "Payouts" and "Transactions." 

Items shown on the Transaction tab include:

  • Payout ID
  • Advisor Name
  • Advisor ID (default attribute)
  • Advisor Email
  • Client Name
  • Client ID (default attribute)
  • Gross Amount
  • AP Fee (transaction fee)
  • Total (net)
  • Invoice Description
  • Paid Date
  • Payment Message (marked as paid - optional message)
  • Transaction Type
  • AP Invoice #
  • Invoice Type
  • Recurring Start Date
  • Recurring End Date
  • Invoice Date Range
  • Account Holder Name (not applicable for clients who quick-linked a bank account via Plaid before 9/16/2020)
  • Billing Method (Advance or Arrears)
  • Agreement ID
  • Name to Display on Invoice 

How to find the arrival date of a specific client payment:

Both tabs include the Payout ID, while the Payouts tab includes the arrival date of each payout you've received.

To see the arrival date of a particular payment, find its Payout ID under the "Transactions" tab and match it up with the Payout ID under the "Payouts" tab.

Send scheduled transfer reports to one or more recipients

Set up a bookkeeper, virtual assistant, operations admin, or even just yourself to receive automatic daily, weekly, and/or monthly transaction reports via email! Any email address can receive these reports (even if it is already receiving reports from another AdvicePay account or it isn't associated with an admin/billing user on your firm account).

Frequency options:

  • Daily - will be sent every morning for the previous day's data
  • Weekly - will be sent Monday mornings for the previous week's data
  • Monthly - will be sent on the 1st of the month for the previous month's data

If there are 0 transactions for the reporting period, no emails will be sent.

To set up scheduled reporting, go to Emails & Notifications and scroll down to the Advisor Notifications section. Toggle the button to on for the reports you want to receive. The report will automatically be sent to your account email address.

❓Want to add additional report recipients? Click the gear icon to access the report's settings:

Enter an Email Address and click Add. Click Save

Note: To remove recipients, click the "X" button next to their email address. After your adjustments, be sure to save your changes! 

Account Owners, Full-Access Advisors, and firm Admin Users are able to set up and manage report scheduling. 

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