How do I edit a client's account information?

As an advisor you can edit the client's name, the name(s) that appear on their actual PDF invoices, and client ID! 

  • When you edit a client's name, anything new created for the client will reflect the changes you've made. Anything that already existed in our system will not get updated.  (For example, if a client has an ongoing subscription and their name is changed, the name associated with the subscription will not update. Additionally, any historical payments will all keep the old name.) 
  • When updating client IDs, the change will reflect immediately on the Transactions export file. 

To edit a name or client ID:

1. Go to Clients > View Client for the person you want to update

2. Click  Edit Profile

3. Update the first/last name, name to display on invoices, or client ID and click Save Profile

Tip: Does your client want to use a different email? Clients have the ability to update their own name and email address underneath their Profile when they are logged in to their account! One of the ways we stay compliant and secure is not giving the advisor the ability to change the email.

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