Assigning a Client ID or Tag

The Client ID/Tag feature is only available on Professional and Enterprise plans. Client IDs/Tags are not available on the Essential plan.  More information on our plans can be found here.

Are you seeking an easier way to manage clients across all your various systems? Or do you need to differentiate between clients with the same name? Help your firm stay organized by assigning clients a unique ID or Tag! 

This internal number and/or letter combination is only seen by you and admin/billing users on your account. (Clients never see it.) If you assign a client ID or Tag, it will display in the following areas:

Assigning an ID or Tag can be done when you  add a client, or it can be added/edited at anytime by going to ClientsView Client > Edit Profile:

Simply add, edit, or remove the Client ID or Tag and click Save Profile!

❓What's the difference between IDs and Tags? Both function in similar ways, and allow you to internally differentiate between or segment your clients. For instance, you may decide to use the Client ID to match up their identification number in your firm's CRM software, while using the Tags field to track the office they visit, start date with your firm, service types, VIP status, etc. Unlike IDs, more than one Tag can be added to a client's profile.

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