A client forgot their password! How do they reset it?

It's okay -- we forget things, too! 

If your client can't remember their password to log in to AdvicePay, or they need to later set up a password after paying an invoice without registering, they can quickly set/reset it by starting at the login page, https://app.advicepay.com

1. First they will want to click the  Forgot your password link at the bottom of the login screen:

2. Next, they'll enter in the email address on file for their AdvicePay account 

3. From here they'll click the  Reset Password button

4. Finally, they'll check their email for the password reset link, click it, and set/reset their password!

Uh oh -- your client doesn't see an email from us? Sometimes our emails get caught up in spam filters, so we recommend they visit their Junk/Promo folders if they don't see it within a few minutes! Here's a guide on how to add AdvicePay emails to an allow list (or otherwise designate as a safe sender). We also recommend that they double-check that they have their account with us under the email address entered. :) 

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