Best Practices: What emails should I have AdvicePay send to new clients?

When creating clients and invoices, we've tried to make it flexible so that it fits whatever process you prefer...yet also quick and simple! Below are a few options available to you as you are getting clients set up.

Best Practice Tip: Before getting your clients using AdvicePay, it's helpful to let them know what to expect! We have some handy resources here that include useful information that clients will want to know about our platform.

We also suggest letting clients know that system emails will be coming from so they can add it to their contacts or safe sender/allow list and ensure nothing slips into their Junk folders!

Option 1 - Recommended

What we recommend as your clients are getting started with AdvicePay is to add a client and send an invoice request all at once.

If you choose to do this, your clients will receive just one email notification -- the invoice notice:

We've connected new clients' unique registration link in this invoice notice, so when they click View the invoice & pay they'll see the invoice and also be able to set their password and log in (if desired).

If they do decide to set a password and register first, once they log in they'll immediately be directed back to the unpaid invoice you have set up and can complete the payment process. 💥

📍 Did you know that clients can also pay without ever registering their account or logging in?

Option 2: The Invite Email

This option is ideal if you want to require that your clients log in and set up an account. 

With this workflow, you can add the client to AdvicePay, create an invoice using the 'Publish without sending email' option, and then send them their Invitation Link to register. This invitation can be sent by clicking on the blue paper airplane icon next to the link (found at the top of the client's profile page). 

Your clients will receive one email inviting them to set their password and register:

After they log in for the first time, they'll see the unpaid invoice or subscription you've issued them on their Dashboard and can proceed to making their payment.

Best Practice Tip: If you don't want to create an invoice for your clients before inviting them to set up their AdvicePay login, you don't have to! However, we recommend doing so in order that your clients can efficiently complete onboarding and payment in one workflow. 💪

Option 3: The Invite and Invoice Emails

If you decide to add a client, send them the direct invitation link, and then create an invoice later, you'll want your client to receive the two emails above: an invitation to set their password and register and an email directing them to pay their invoice. 

This is a great option if you want to require that clients establish an account, but you won't be requesting a payment immediately. 

Option 4: None Of The Emails

When you add your clients and request payment, you can opt for no emails to be sent and instead handle all communication through your own email. If you go this route, you'll want to either personally send clients their Invitation Link OR a link to their unpaid invoice/subscription when you're ready. 🙂

The link to a client's unpaid invoice/subscription is available by visiting Invoices > View Details or Subscriptions > View Subscription and clicking Copy URL:

If you later decide that you do want to send an email like an invoice notice through the AdvicePay system, you can easily do that by following the steps outlined here!

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