Accepted Payment Methods

You get to choose how you would like to be paid by your clients on each invoice. When requesting payments you can accept:

  • Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB Diners Club)
    • Digital Wallet (i.e. GooglePay, ApplePay or Microsoft Pay) will be available to clients who have saved payment information on their device when Credit/Debit Card is selected as an accepted payment method.
  • ACH (bank checking)
  • Either

All payments are processed by our underlying partner payment gateway, Stripe. We  accept U.S. banks and credit cards that have U.S.-based billing information (e.g. State and Zip) associated with them.

When your client is paying their invoice, they will not see the ability to pay by credit card and/or use the Digital Wallet (i.e. GooglePay, ApplePay or Microsoft Pay) if you selected ACH (and vice versa). Click here to learn more about restricting payment methods at an account level so that clients cannot see other payment method options anywhere on AdvicePay!

Once an invoice has been sent to a client with a specific Payment Method selected, you can change it as long as the invoice is still unpaid/inactive and you don't restrict that payment option on an account-wide level

To allow a different method (e.g. you chose ACH only and now you want to choose Either), just edit the invoice and change the Payment Method!

Frequently Asked Questions

"Can my client pay with their taxable brokerage account?"

Absolutely! Most brokerage accounts need to have ACH enabled, and the client is able to do that through the company. It's typically a form to fill out, which in return activates ACH and gives your client an account and routing number to make debits. 

If your clients do not have the debits enabled on their account, then the payment will fail and  a $4 return fee will be charged to your bank account.

📍Read more on our best practices for using AdvicePay to bill AUM fees!

"Can my client pay with a savings account?"

We don't support savings accounts as a method of payment. Sorry about that! If a client enters savings account information, their payment will fail and  a $4 return fee will be charged to your bank account.

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