How to Handle an Unrecognized Device Email from AdvicePay

The security of your AdvicePay account and access is important to us! As an updated measure to help you keep track of your access, we now send out an email if there is a login to AdvicePay from an unrecognized device (IP address never used before).

The email will be from AdvicePay with the subject line: "New Device Login to AdvicePay." It will look similar to the email below with your partial email information from your account in AdvicePay + the full IP address your account was accessed/login in from:

If you are unsure of the IP address being show in the email, please keep in mind:

  • VPNs can trigger this email to be sent to you since the IP address can be from different locations.
  • The IP address displayed might also be different when traveling since it can change by location.
  • Work computers and those attached to offices in other locations when newly used, might be unrecognizable.
  • If your browser has removed the cookies for AdvicePay and you log in thereafter, an email may be sent as well since it will register as a "new" IP address.

If the above does not pertain to the email you received, please feel free to reach out to and we can have our team look into the IP address you see in the email!

The security of your account is a top priority for us here at AdvicePay! 💥

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