How to Update Your Email, Name, or Firm Name

Did you misspell your name when you registered on AdvicePay? (It happens.) Or did you get a fancy new email address? Whatever your situation, you can change your account information anytime in just two steps!

1. Click on the top right drop down menu and select Your Profile.

2. Update the relevant information, and click  Save 

Tip: When updating your email, you will receive a verification email to your new email address with the Subject line of "Email Verification Requested" -- once you click the button in that email to verify the update, it will then permanently change your email address in your Profile!

Updating your Firm Name

Only Account Owners and Full-Access Advisors can change the Firm Name.

Your Firm Name is used on invoices and in notification emails to clients. 

To update this field, visit your Firm Settings.

Under Company, update the Firm Name field. Your new firm name will be auto-saved!

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