Managing Your Billing or Transfer Account

Only Account Owners can manage firm billing.

Managing your bank accounts is done under Firm Settings > Billing.

Here you'll find your Transfer account (this is where you receive money from clients) and your Billing account (this is what you use to pay AdvicePay for your monthly subscription service).

We are able to accept any checking account associated with a U.S. bank. If you wish to use your brokerage account, please be sure ACH has been activated in order to allow debits + credits on the account! This oftentimes requires filling out a form through the company (e.g. TD) that sets you up with a special account and routing number.

Note: We don't currently support debiting or paying out funds to savings accounts! Using savings account information will result in a failed payment/payout. 

You can update these accounts when necessary by clicking the Add Account button and entering in new information: 

After entering your new account, click the drop down menu and select  Make Default in order to begin using it. Any non-default account can also be deleted here!

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