Understanding Your Credit Card & ACH Page

The Credit Card & ACH page is viewable by Account Owners, Full-Access Advisors, and Admin/Analyst users.

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Your Transfers > Credit Card & ACH page on AdvicePay is one of our favorite pages -- that's because it keeps you in the loop on client payments and when you're getting money deposited into your bank account! 💵

You’ll find 2 distinct categories under the Credit Card & ACH > Payouts tab:

  • Upcoming Payouts
  • Completed Payouts

Under the Credit Card & ACH > Transactions tab you will see a running history of all transactions across your account -- including those that have yet to be paid out. 

👉Export your data! 

On this page you can also download a detailed Excel report of your completed payouts and the individual transactions that make up each payout by clicking Export at the top right of your screen. 

With this report you can see additional data like assigned advisor, transaction fees, invoice descriptions, and more. Learn more about your transaction reports here!

Upcoming Payouts

Once a payment has been made, started processing, and payout information is received from our underlying payment processor (Stripe), it will display under Upcoming Payouts. 

Under the Payments column, click the blue link to view which specific payments are included in that upcoming payout:

📍 Read more on payment processing times for ACH + Credit/Debit

Completed Payouts

When a payout has been deposited into your bank account, it will show up under the Completed Payouts section. 

Under the Payments column, click the blue link to view which specific payments are included in that particular payout.

Details provided include the Transaction Type, Client, Invoice #, Gross invoice amount, Total net received, and the Paid Date.


Once a payment has been initiated and processed, it will display under the Transactions tab:

Common Transaction Types include: Payout, Credit Card (for credit/debit card payments), ACH (for checking account payments), Refund, Adjustment, Offline Payment and Offline Payment Adjustments (immediately occur for offline payments as no money flows through AdvicePay).

Data on this page can be filtered by clicking the Filters button:

Select or enter the information you want to see, then click Apply Filters

To clear your filters/start over from scratch, select  Filters > Reset Filters.

Available filter options include:

Payment Type:

  • Credit Card
  • ACH
  • Offline Payment

Paid Date:

  • From Date - To Date

Transfer Date:

  • From Date - To Date

Payout ID

  • Will display when a payout link is clicked under the Payments column

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