Understanding Your Transfers Page

The Transfers page is viewable by Account Owners, Managing Advisors, and Admin/Analyst users.

Your Transfers page on AdvicePay is one of our favorite pages -- that's because it keeps you in the loop on client payments as it relates to receiving them into your bank account!

You’ll find 3 distinct categories under Transfers:

  • Estimated Payouts
  • Pending Transfers
  • Completed Transfers

Estimated Payouts

Once a payment has been made and begun processing, it will display under Estimated Payouts. Your ACH payments will all show up here, as they can take up to 5 business days to process and approximately 2-3 additional business days to be paid out. 

đź“Ť Read more on payment processing times

We go ahead and give you an  estimated arrival date of 7 business days from the date the payment was made. However, keep in mind that you may see your money sooner or later than this date due to bank holidays, different bank processing procedures, etc!

Pending Transfers

When a payment has finished processing, it will show up under the Pending Transfers section. Credit card payments will show up here first (not under Estimated Payouts) because they process immediately.

Can't find a recently paid invoice under Pending Transfers? It can take approximately one business day to receive transit information from the client's financial institution once it finishes processing. This means that there is about a 24-48 hour period when you won't see a client's payment listed anywhere on the Transfers screen. Don't worry, it's not missing -- you'll see it show up here soon!

In this area you’ll see each payout's estimated  arrival date in your bank account, the total amount, and its status (e.g. In Transit).

Then, when you click on a payout, it will expand a drop-down to reveal details on each individual pending payment. These are organized by:

  • Client Name
  • Payment Type (ACH or CC)
  • Transaction Type
  • Gross
  • Fee
  • Total
  • Paid Date
  • Invoice # (you can click this to view/print the invoice)

Completed Transfers

After a payout is made into your account, it will move to Completed Transfers.

Each payout will display by the date it arrived in your bank account, its total amount, and its status. And just like the Pending Transfers section, you’ll see all of the specifics when you click the payout’s drop down menu!

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