When will I get paid?

Payment Processing Times

Credit Cards

Credit cards process immediately, so you know right away if the payment succeeded or failed. It takes 1-2 business days to receive a payout from a client's credit card payment. 

If a charge is made on the weekend, the payout transfer begins on the following Monday. (Bank holidays can delay payouts by one business day.)


ACH payments take around 5 business days to process and succeed/fail at your client's bank account. Once they have successfully been deducted you can expect a payout to your bank account within another 2-3 business days. 

In total ACH payments take approximately 7-9 business days to get to you, or about 9-11 calendar days. (Bank holidays can delay payouts by one business day.)

📍How to see what payment method your client used!

Did you know that once a payment has successfully processed, you don't need to do anything to "push" it into your bank account? Payouts are made on a daily rolling basis; we will automatically deposit your money into the bank account on file when it arrives!

Tracking your money

View the status of the invoice under Invoices or Subscriptions in your sidebar! By clicking View Details for a payment, you can verify its Paid status as well as its Transfer Status (In Transit, In Transit + Estimated Arrival Date, or Transferred).

You can also view estimated arrival dates, pending and completed payouts, as well as the specific client payments + transaction fees associated with them, when you go to  Transfers in your sidebar. (Only viewable by the Account Owner, Full-Access Advisors, and Admin/Analyst users.)

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