Can I add another email to my account?

"Can I add another email to my account or have my email notifications CC'd to someone else (i.e. my bookkeeper)?"

Yes, you can add additional email addresses to receive either all emails firm-wide, just notification emails to clients, or just notifications to you! 

Adding BCC Recipients Firm-Wide

To add an email to be blind carbon copied (BCC'd) on all system notifications related to the firm -- including clients, advisors, etc. -- visit Firm Settings > Emails & Notifications, enter the email(s) under BCC Recipients, and click Add Recipient:

Note: BCC Recipients will not receive individual's private password reset emails, email verifications when updating email addresses, etc. 

Adding BCC Recipients for Client Notifications

By default the account owner's email address is blind carbon copied (BCC'd) on the client email notifications listed on under Account Settings > Emails & Notifications

To add additional recipients (such as an assistant or Admin user), enter their email under BCC Recipients, and click Add:

Tip: If you wish to remove an email as a BCC recipient, simply click the X button next to the email listing!

Adding BCC Recipients for Advisor Notifications

To send all of the your direct email notifications to one or more recipients (by default the account owner's email is always included), go to  Account Settings > Emails & Notifications, enter the emails under Additional Email Recipients, and click Add:

📍 To grant someone administrative or view-only access to your account, please see this article on how to add users!

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