Deleting Invoices and Canceling Subscriptions

Delete an Invoice

All Failed and Unpaid (only one-time payments) invoices can be deleted. Deleting an invoice will remove it from both you and your client's account.

To delete an invoice, go to  Invoices and selecting Cancel Invoice from its drop down menu.

   📍 Want to edit an unpaid invoice instead? Here's how!

Cancel a Subscription

Canceled subscriptions with payments associated with them will not be deleted, but will update to display a Canceled status. Both you and your client can cancel a subscription at any time. 

(Canceling subscriptions that do not have any associated payments will delete them from you and your clients' account view.)

To cancel a subscription, go to Subscriptions and select Cancel Subscription from its drop down menu.

Once an active subscription is canceled, it stops all future invoices from billing. A canceled inactive subscription cannot be authorized/paid by a client.


  • If you delete an invoice or cancel an inactive subscription, your client will not receive a deletion/cancelation notice via email. 
  • If you cancel a subscription that the client has already taken some action on (e.g. they authorized it to begin billing), then the client will receive an email notification that it has been canceled.

What happens when a client cancels their subscription?

Your clients have the ability to cancel their subscriptions! You can check out that process in this client-facing article:  Canceling Automatic Subscription Payments

When a client cancels their subscription, both you and the client will receive an email notification regarding the cancelation. Subscriptions canceled this way when there are payments associated with them will not be deleted, but will update to display a  Canceled status.

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