See our emails to clients!

Note: If you have a custom logo uploaded or include a custom message, emails to your clients will look a bit different. 😀We recommend setting up a test client to view the full range of emails sent from your firm!


If you choose to have us send your client the invitation to get set up on AdvicePay (not required), they'll receive an email that looks like this:

Subject Line: Welcome to AdvicePay

Invoice (for One-Time Payments)

If you choose to have us send your client a single one-time invoice, they'll receive an email that looks like this:

Subject Line: Invoice from [Firm Name] 

Invoice (for a One-Time + Subscription payment requested together)

Subject Line: Invoice from [Firm Name] 

Subscription Authorization

Note: The client will receive this email after authorizing a subscription invoice, however their bank account/credit card will not be charged until the due date set on the invoice (as illustrated in the email text below). 👍

Subject Line: Subscription to [Firm Name] Activated

7-Day Subscription Debit Reminder

Subject Line: Account Debit Notification

Subscription Debit Confirmation

Subject Line: Invoice to [Firm Name] Successfully Debited

eSign Contract (not attached to payment request)

Subject Line: [Firm Name] has requested your signature

eSign Contract (attached to payment request)

Subject Line: Invoice from [Firm Name] 

Unpaid Invoice Reminder

Subject Line: Reminder: Invoice to [Firm Name] Due

Failed Payment Reminder

Sent 2 days after the initial failed payment notice. You can turn this off via your Emails & Notifications settings under "Failed Payment Reminder." 

(We recommend leaving it active, as the extra information on how to resolve the payment can be helpful for clients!)

Subject Line: Reminder: Failed Payment to [Firm Name]

Paused Subscription 

Sent when an active subscription is paused.

Subject Line: [Firm Name] has paused your subscription

Mark as Paid Confirmation

Sent to a client when an invoice is manually marked as paid.

Line: Invoice to [Firm Name] Paid

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